Dianne has done a lot of writing in the last three decades, but most of it has been midwifery training syllabi.  She now is turning to some long awaited writing projects in the area of emergency childbirth and client information.  Periodically, new articles by Dianne will be made available through this site. 

Emergency Childbirth Mini Guide

Every family with an expectant mother-to-be in it should read this 18-page Mini Guide.  You never know when an unexpected delivery could happen.  This illustrated Emergency Childbirth Mini Guide takes you through the stages of birth in an emergency situation.   It includes information about making a childbirth travel kit, selecting an emergency birth team, setting up, how to check for a cord around the neck and what to do about it, how to suction a baby if necessary, placenta delivery, stuck shoulders, maternal bleeding, and newborn CPR.  Every childbirth education course should have one session on emergency childbirth, and this mini guide makes an excellent handout for parents as well as emergency personnel.

Emergency Childbirth Laceration Repair

This 47-page booklet is a great resource for the midwife in training, makes a handy reference for the seasoned midwife, and is a wonderful guide for any healthcare provider who wants to be prepared for emergency care.  During a disaster, the idea of providing laceration repair to the mother after the birth may seem out of the question. However, with a bit of organization, caregivers and birth teams can also easily provide critical laceration repair.

This booklet is also excellent for a basic suturing workshop for first responders, paramedics and other emergency personnel.  It is extensively illustrated and includes information on the importance of laceration repair, suturing procedures, suturing equipment, assessing damage, knots and stitches, repairs of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree lacerations, and other closure methods.